MC50 Plus K

Corner Block MC50+ K

Pre-manufacturated block with plastic ties for 90° right/left corner construction. This block can be used with both -our ICF system’s PLUS blocks with HDPE ties and Standard blocks with EPS ties.

External thermal insulation layer 50mm.


Material: Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) with graphite filler

Dimensions (mm): 800x300x400

Insulation thickness (mm):

  • External insulation thickness: 50
  • Internal insulation thickness: 50

Concrete casting strip (mm): 150

Total wall thickness (mm): 250

Block side plane area (m2): 0,30

Block ties: plastic (HDPE)

Block weight (kg): 0.933


Thermal conductivity of insulation material: λD ≤ 0,031 W/(m-K)

Thermal resistance*: 3.090m2-K/W

Compressive strength: ≥ 300 kPa

Tensile strength: ≥ 280 kPa

Long-term water absorption: ≤ 4%

Fire reaction class: E

* for explanation, refer to the Declaration of performance

Declaration of Performance

  • Construction of building structures (load-bearing partitions, walls, ground floors)

Always choose the type of block according to the project documentation!


Price per 1 unit: 11.25 EUR excl. VAT (incl. VAT 21% price 13.61 EUR)

Price per m2: 23.44 EUR excl. VAT (incl. VAT 21% the price is 28.36 EUR)

Wholesale price: calculated individually based on the building project and total volume of material.

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