Benefits of ICF

For architects and constructors

Thanks to our offered ICF system and block material properties, you have the opportunity to create a sustainable building for your customer with any design and shape structure.

Create safe, reliable and sustainable buildings

Both single-storey and multi-storey buildings can be built.

Thanks to the monolithic construction, it is possible to design and implement various solutions for corner windows and showcases of various widths almost without restrictions, maintaining excellent energy-efficient wall performance without any cold bridges that cannot be provided by traditional building systems.

The ground floor or basement can also be partly on a hill; thanks to the ICF system, the structure is constantly the same in terms of the height and width of the entire building.

According to the required energy efficiency indicators, it is possible to select appropriate blocks, with the help of which ready-made building walls can be obtained easily and conclusively without errors, in accordance with the requirements of almost zero energy and passive buildings.

Thanks to the monolithic structure, it is possible to create various corner windows without additional anchors.

The walls will be monolithic throughout the height of the building with continuous and equally energy-efficient thermal insulation without cold bridges.

There are no restrictions for the facade finish. You can put plaster, simulated wood, bricks or stone directly on the ICF system, as well as create designs for any ventilated facade.

Description of ICF system blocks

The ICF system consists of only 3 types of blocks

Examples of houses built

Check out the gallery of completed projects where our ICF blocks were used.