Benefits of ICF

For builders and developers

The use of the ICF system enables the building of energy efficient and sustainable buildings for customers in modern conditions, where the heating costs will be low and level of comfort will be high, while you can implement projects more easily and quickly as the end user will immediately see additional benefits.

Moreover, it is also possible to make efficient use of manpower resources, for example, the foundations and walls of a 100 m2 residential house can be built in 2 weeks. Construction of a private house from scratch to the key – within 2 months.

Building technology that allows you to save money!

Construction pace

Three blocks form 1 m² of wall; you can build 100 m² of regular-shaped house walls in 2-4 days.

Less need for highly skilled labour

The system is very simple, it can be assembled by anyone with a little preparation and training.

Smaller number of employees required

The walls and foundations of a single-family house, without preparatory work, can be built by 1-2 people in 2-4 days.

Minimum wear and quantity of tools

Neopor blocks can be cut with a hand saw, or an electric wire cutter.

No heavy machinery required, or much less often

Materials can be unloaded from the vehicle manually by 1-2 people, one block, 0.375 m2, weighs about 3-4 kg, full vehicle - 1.5-2 tonnes. Heavy machinery can be used for the supply and unloading of reinforcement and for the pouring of concrete.

Lower potential risk of injury (material is light)

Aerated concrete or expanded clay concrete blocks weigh more than 15-20 kg each, excluding dry mixes, while one ICF block, 0.375 m2, weighs about 3-4 kg.

Practically no dust when working

The material consists of polystyrene balls, if it is cut with wire, then there is practically no waste.

Minimum heating costs

The benefit to potential tenants of the premises, for you, in turn - lower expenses, greater opportunities to successfully rent or lease the premises.

Additional residential area

More spacious premises while maintaining high energy efficiency. This is achieved by relatively thin walls.

Lower construction costs

Construction time and, consequently, related costs are reduced several times.

Description of ICF system blocks

The ICF system consists of only 3 types of blocks

Examples of houses built

Check out the gallery of completed projects where our ICF blocks were used.