ICF block system

Modern, quick and energy efficient construction


We are the official representatives of Baltijos Polistirenas, manufacturer of the ICF panel system. We offer quality materials and professional expertise, allowing our customers to build energy efficient, almost zero-energy houses in a short time. We are both experts and enthusiasts in our work and our main goal is to reveal the advantages of this new construction technology to our customers!

Advantages of our system

Energy efficient house

ICF panel systems allow you to achieve energy efficient home performance without additional investment. Our partners' built houses heating costs in the winter months amount to only € 20 per month.

Short construction deadlines

ICF panels are just like Lego blocks that are a similar weight to air. This allows a home frame to be built in a record-short time.

Easy to install

No high qualification of employees is required. It is difficult to make mistakes during the ICF system installation. Building a house requires a smaller number of people.

Benefits of choosing ICF

Private house owners

The ICF panel system allows you to build fast, just like playing Lego, and get very high energy efficiency by saving on heating.


Build fast without attracting highly qualified staff. Get energy efficient homes that are easier to sell or rent.



Create design houses of any complexity for your customers. Sustainable, modern and with high energy efficiency performance.

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