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Choose the globally recognized ICF technology for energy-efficient, fast, and high-quality construction.

About us

Mēs esam ICF būvniecības tehnoloģijas pofesionāļi, kas klientiem piedāvā iespēju būvēt energoefektīvas un ilgtspējīgas betona ēkas, izmantojot ICF paliekošo veidņu sistēmu, kā arī nodrošina plašu siltumizolācijas materiālu klāstu kvalitatīviem celtniecības darbiem.

Discover all the essentials for contemporary
and high-quality home construction at our company

Discover all the essentials for contemporary and high-quality home construction at our company

Products and Services

ICF technology

A system of wall and foundation forms constructed from insulating materials. These forms not only serve as molds for concrete, but also provide long-lasting insulation for the building.

Design and architecture

Explore our selection of pre-designed ICF house plans, or collaborate with our architect to develop a unique project that fulfills your vision for your dream home.

ICF Construction

From the initial consultation through to project completion, we offer a full spectrum of construction services.

Insulation Materials

PIR, EPS | EPS Gray, L-shaped forms for slab foundations, panels for heated floors, sandwich panels, and other high-quality materials for various insulation and construction works.

Advantages of ICF Technology

Structural Strength

ICF forms, when filled with concrete, produce a solid monolithic reinforced concrete building structure that boasts remarkable durability and resistance to various environmental elements.

Energy Efficiency

ICF technology facilitates the construction of nearly zero-energy and passive buildings by ensuring a consistent insulation layer and minimizing thermal bridging. This results in reduced energy consumption and substantially lower building maintenance costs.

Swift Construction

Using ICF, the construction of insulated foundations and walls for a 100m2 building takes only about three weeks with a skilled team of 2-3 individuals. This accelerated construction timeline allows you to realize your project faster.

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