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The ICF panel system allows you to achieve energy efficient home performance without additional investment and it is ideal for the construction of nearly-zero energy and passive buildings.

The ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) system is an insulated monolithic concrete formwork system that provides much faster and more efficient construction of buildings compared to traditional construction methods and systems.

Thanks to the large, hollow EPS and NEOPOR Lego type blocks, which serve as permanent formwork when pouring concrete, you get a monolithic building with a high-strength structure and the formwork of the specific material forms a thermal insulation layer without thermal bridges, thanks to which you can build easily, conveniently and quickly.

Explanation by a professional

The structure consists of formwork made of thermal insulation material, which is filled with concrete, resulting in a durable, concrete frame construction. The permanent formwork performs a dual function: first, during construction it serves as a concrete formwork; second, after concrete has set, it remains as thermal insulation and does not form so-called thermal or cold bridges. ICF is used in the construction of foundations, walls, basements and swimming pools!

Māris Driķis Ecsoen CEO
Maris Drikis
Ecsoen CEO



The technology has a number of advantages over other construction technologies.

Construction pace
Construction ease
Technology simplicity
Energy efficiency

Benefits of using ICF for private homeowners

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Benefits of using ICF for builders and developers

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