Benefits of ICF

For homeowners

If you are planning or on your way to build your own house, then, by using our ICF system, you can build already insulated walls on your own in a short time. NEOPOR permanent moulds provide high energy efficiency as all insulation material is uniform – one whole, without any cold bridges. As a result, you will get an energy efficient and comfortable home by your own effort, and it will meet almost zero energy consumption or passive house standards.

Create your environment yourself!


Build the building yourself - the system is based on 3 types of blocks. Assemble as LEGO and fill with concrete.


Three blocks form 1m² of wall; you can build 100 m² of regular-shaped house walls in 2-4 days.

No complicated tools required

Necessary tools - rubber hammer, spirit level, saw and an electric screwdriver.

Good price

With the same energy efficiency, the ICF system offered by ECSOEN is more advantageous (cheaper) than other construction solutions.

Build in winter as well

ICF blocks can be put together in any weather conditions (up to -10°C), and when pouring in concrete corresponding to a certain outdoor temperature, the concrete in the formwork remains like it is in a thermos.

No heavy machinery required

One block, 0.375 m² weighs about 3-4 kg, full vehicle (entire house) weighs 1.5-2 tonnes.

Easy and convenient installation of wiring and water

The inner insulation layer is used for the installation of communications, it can be easily cut out with a wallpaper knife.

Energy efficient system

During service - low heating costs, and together with a suitable recuperation system - excellent indoor climate in all weather conditions and seasons.

Description of ICF system blocks

The ICF system consists of only 3 types of blocks

Examples of houses built

Check out the gallery of completed projects where our ICF blocks were used.