Blocks for ICF system

The system has 3 main elements and they are available in different thicknesses; only the thickness of the external insulation varies!

The basic elements of ICF we offer are the wall/foundation block, the opening element and the covering support element

EPS block for walls/foundation

Occupies most of the walls of the building, they are connected to each other by grooves, which completely excludes thermal (cold) bridges.

MC bloks ICF

EPS block for openings

This element is used for the upper part of windows, doors and gates; It is a U-shaped block in which reinforcement or reinforcement cassettes are placed and then filled with concrete.

ML bloks ICF

EPS block for covering

This element is an L-shaped element that is installed at the top of a wall, for covering or masonry assembly. The installation is facilitated by the fact that the element only has thermal insulation on its outer part, which prevents the formation of thermal (cold) bridges.


The perimeter elements of the foundation plate, the so-called L-elements, are a very important component of the foundation plate. They serve as formwork that does not need to be further fastened during concreting, as well as after the concrete has set, they play the role of thermal insulation of the foundation. For your convenience, we also offer to manufacture these elements according to the desired dimensions and energy efficiency parameters. The insulation thickness of a standard element is 100 mm, height, width 400 mm and length 2000 mm.


Closing elements are designed to close the wall/foundation element in columns, corners or wall ends, thus ensuring that concrete does not flow out.

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