Finished standard projects

It is no secret that developing a house project takes a long time. And often you want to shorten this time so much! Thinking about time and cost savings, we offer you several standard projects developed by our architects for construction by using ICF blocks. The project price includes all the necessary construction project documentation – Architecture (AR), Building Structures (BK) section, connections to centralised engineering communications networks (ELT, UKT, AVK), developed General Plan (GP), as well as it is coordinated with the Construction Board. Calculations for compiling the energy balance of buildings have been performed for all projects. The base price of each project is EUR 2500. Purchase a project, get a building permit and start building!

Also, every project is adaptable to your needs. To find out the possibilities, contact us at info@ecsoen.com or by phone +371 28454811.

Benefits of using ICF for private homeowners

What are the benefits of choosing an ICF system for your home?

Benefits of using ICF for builders and developers

What are the benefits of choosing an ICF system when building an office building, an apartment building or a private house area